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Getting Started:

What is Digital Scrapbooking?
Why should I try Digital Scrapbooking?
What software should I use for Digital Scrapbooking?
What is Hybrid Scrapbooking?
What can I create with your products?
Can I use your products for traditional (paper) scrapbooking?
Can I print my layouts/projects?


I'm a designer; can I sell my products at Peppermint Creative?
How do I apply to become a member of your Design or Hybrid Team?
Is my login information for the store the same as in the forum and gallery?
What currency are you prices listed in?
Where is Peppermint Creative based?
Can I advertise at Peppermint Creative?

Product Usage & Licensing:

Can I post my layouts/projects featuring your designs in online galleries?
Can I submit layouts/projects featuring your designs for publication?
Can I alter and recolor your designs?
May I share your products with my friends?
Can I use your products to design headers and buttons for my personal blog?
May I copy content (text and/or graphics) from your Website to publish on my own commercial site/blog?
Are your products available for commercial use?
Do you sell wholesale?

Ordering & Downloading:

How do I place an order?
How do I download my purchase(s)?
How do I download a free kit?
Where can I find past monthly free kits?
When do my download links expire?
Can I have my purchase burned to CD and mailed to me?
How much will my shipping charges be?


How do I purchase something from Peppermint Creative?
What type of payment do you accept?
Can I pay by Credit Card?
What is an e-Check?
How does paying with an e-Check affect my order?
How do I purchase a Gift Card?


What is the quality and size your digital products?
What file format are your products in?
What is a .zip file?
How do I open a .zip file?


Where is my download link?
Why has my download link expired?
I just paid for my order, why is the status still ‘Pending’?
I have a dial-up/wireless internet connection why are my downloads failing?
What should I do if my file says its empty/damaged/corrupt/password protected?
Why should I delete a corrupt/empty file before I download again?
I have tried to download my file(s) several times and it still won’t work?
My computer/EHD crashed; can you reset my entire order history?
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