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Download Link Reset Policy

All download links automatically expire in 7 days or 5 download attempts (whichever comes first). You must download your purchase within this time frame. After this period, orders may be reset upon request only. If you are having difficulty obtaining a working/valid file, please see our support section for assistance.

In the event of EHD/computer crash, we will reset your download links going back up to 4 months from the day you contact us to report the issue. Orders older than 4 months from the day you contact us will not be reset. This courtesy is only available to paying customers, meaning you must have at least one paid order within the time frame that you require a reset in order to receive one. Orders placed beyond that time frame can be reactivated by request for a small fee depending on the number of orders being reset.

You are responsible for backing up your files and you are strongly encouraged to do so regularly. Please be sure to unzip and check your files once downloaded to ensure that they have transferred to your computer correctly.


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