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Commercial Licenses

Unless you have purchased a Limited Commercial License, all Peppermint Creative products with the exception of the items listed under the Commercial Vectors category may be used for PERSONAL use only. Please be sure to read the terms of use very carefully.

Distribution Licensing for Software Applications:
To include Peppermint Creative graphics in your software application, please contact us with your project proposal. We look forward to discussing your project with you.

Licensing Custom or Exclusive Designs:
To request custom or exclusive graphics please contact us with details regarding your request. We would be happy to work with you and discuss your needs.

Limited Commercial License for Small Business Use:

Our products may be licensed ONLY for the following purposes:

- To create promotional materials for your non-scrapbook related business.
- To create a website or blog header for your non-scrapbook related business.

**If your business is creating websites or blog headers for others.**
You must re-purchase a license every time you use a kit for a project.

This license is not intended for re-distribution or large business use and does not allow for Peppermint Creative products to be used in creating your own scrapbook products or any products for re-sale. These products may NOT be used to create templates, pre-made scrapbook pages, invitations or announcements.

The fees listed below do not include the product(s) themselves. You must purchase both the item/kit AND the license. If you have already purchased the item/kit, you do not need to purchase it again. You must purchase a license for EACH item/kit that you plan to use. Even if you only want to use one paper or element from a kit.

NOTE: You will be billed for the cost of the license ONLY. You are responsible for purchasing the items you intend to use through the store. If you are concerned that your application may not be accepted you may apply first and purchase the items after you have been approved. You will not be refunded for items you purchase that you do not want if your application does not get approved.

Mini Kits
Price: $20 per kit PLUS the price of the kit

Coordinated Kits
Price: $30 per kit PLUS the price of the kit

Paper Packs
Price: $20 per set PLUS the price of the paper pack

Element Packs
Price: $20 per set PLUS the price of the element set

Embellishments, Stamps and Alphabets
Price: $10 per set PLUS the price of the set

Layered Templates, QP's, Hybrid Templates
Price: $45 per set PLUS the price of the set

Photographer's Storyboards
Price: $10 per set PLUS the price of the set

1. Review both the terms of use and the pricing information listed above.
2.Complete the application form below. Include the names of the products you intend to use.
3. Your application will be reviewed and you will be notified of your approval status within 24 hrs. If your application is approved, you will be sent an invoice for the Commercial License via PayPal.

Terms subject to change without notice.

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